Workshops at Absolute Ballroom!

Sunday Belly Dance Workshops at Absolute Ballroom

6617 Hamilton Avenue
Belly Dance Crash Course: 12:30 – 1:45PM $20/$25
Datura Style™ Belly Dance Workshop: 2:00 – 3:30PM $25/$30
Both: $40/$50
August 27, 12:30 – 1:45 $20 in advance (+PayPal fee)/$25 at the door

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I’m excited to offer this fun filled crash course! Dive into the fundamentals of belly dance learning basic isolations, posture, shimmies, traveling steps, and combinations. This class is great for new students or for those wanting to fine tune their technique. We move fast in this class and cover a lot of ground. This workshop will also prepare you for my weekly fundamentals class or belly dance fitness classes. No refunds unless workshop is canceled by instructor. All levels are welcome!

DATURA STYLE™ BELLY DANCE WORKSHOP: Side to Side Technique and Combinations
August 27, 2:00 – 3:30PM $25 in advance  (+PayPal fee)/$30 at the door

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Enjoy a fun filled Datura Style® Belly Dance Workshop. This is a fast moving workshop covering a lot of ground. We’ll start with a warm up and overview of Datura arm and foot positions and dig into side to side movement technique including rib cage slides (horizontal and vertical), ribcage figure eights, sidewinder, side to side undulations, as well as pairing them up with foot and arm patterns. Time permitting we’ll also learn some Datura Vocabulary and combinations incorporating these movements. No refunds unless workshop is canceled by instructor. For more information on Rachel Brice’s Datura Style Belly Dance, $40 in advance (+PayPal fee)/ $50 at the door

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Datura Style™ Belly Dance Workshop

Datura Style™ Belly Dance Workshop
Vitality Wellness and Belly Dance Studio
4514 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh 15224
July 9th, 2:00PM-3:30PM
$25 in advance (+small PayPal fee)/$30 at the door

Datura Style™ Belly Dance is Rachel Brice’s approach to fusion style belly dance. In this workshop you’ll learn a variety of Datura Style™ vocabulary that can easily be inserted into Tribal Improvisation, used in choreography, or for your own personal practice. We’ll begin class with a warm up, drill combos from the Datura Studies (Arabic and Inverted Arabic, Ghawazee Prep, etc), and jump into learning the Hagallah Combo and more if time perrmits. The Hagallah Combo features juicy hip work, ¾ shimmy variations, hypnotic serpentine moves, and footwork. We’ll end class integrating these combinations in Tribal Improvisation. All levels are welcome, although some belly dance background is helful! Feel free to bring finger cymbals (I’ll have a few extras available) and a water bottle. Students enrolled in weekly classes with Sahra are eligible for a $5 discount. No refunds unless workshop is cancelled by instructor. For more information about Datura Style™,

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Belly Dance Fitness 3 Week Series

Belly Dance Fitness at Vitality Studio

Belly Dance Fitness 3 Week Series
Vitality Wellness and Belly Dance Studio
4514 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh 15224
Sundays, 12:30PM-1:30PM
June 18, 25, and July 9, 2017

Have fun working out and dancing with this upbeat belly dance fitness class! This is the perfect class if you want to jump into dancing. Specifically designed to be accessible for  all levels we’ll start off with a conditioning warm-up, move into a series of cardio based belly dance combinations and drills, and finish off with a satisfying yoga cool down.  All levels of fitness are welcome! Cost is $40 early pre-registration and $45 at the door. No refunds unless the classes are canceled.

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Belly Dance Slow Smooth Moves Workshop

Belly Dance Slow Smooth Moves Workshop

Absolute Ballroom, 6617 Hamilton Avenue
Sunday, April 30 12:30- 2:00PM
$25 paid in advance, $30 at the door
(no refunds unless event is cancelled)
Slow, smooth, moves are the name of the game in this workshop. You will learn the technique for slow fluid movement, expanding time and extending the length of each isolation. Figures 8’s, circles, undulations both up to down and side to side, spins, belly rolls, floreos, and arms will be drilled. We’ll then learn some new ooey gooey combinations set to the “Back to Black” remix by Andre 3000/Beyonce. All levels are welcome. Some belly dance experience is helpful.

Conditioning for Belly Dancers (New Session!)

Conditioning for Belly Dancers at Vitality Studio

Conditioning for Belly Dancers 4 Week Series
Vitality Wellness and Belly Dance Studio
4514 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh 15224
Mondays, 6:30PM-7:30PM
April 3-24, 2017

Specifically designed for belly dancers to develop and strengthen the body, stabilize the hips and low back, and provide flexibility. Each week you’ll learn targeted conditioning sequences as a companion to your belly dance practice. Classes are a full body workout and include a finishing yoga practice. All levels of fitness are welcome! Cost is $45 early pre-registration and $50 at the door. No refunds unless the classes are canceled. 
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Belly Dance Spectacular Gala Show, September 10th at Absolute Ballroom!

I’m excited to present an evening of exquisite belly dance performances featuring our headlining performer Molly McClellan from Denver, CO. Prepare to be entertained by some of the area’s finest dancers in a gorgeous setting. This is a a family friendly event. Light appetizers will be included in the admission. Items will also be available for sale. Doors open at 7:30PM, show starts at 8:00PM. Cost is $15 per person ($10 for children under 12 – available at the door). Regular Tickets are already for sale here:
Gala Show Ticket: September 10, 2016 – 7:30PM at Absolute Ballroom $15


Molly McClellan Workshop Topics!

I am pleased to announce the topics for Molly McClellan’s workshops for the weekend of September 10-11, 2016!  PayPal Buttons here:

Fusion Feet and Finger Cymbals!
(Saturday, 2:00PM – 4:00PM)
In this workshop we will be exploring new and fun zill patterns to
liven up your dancing, no matter what the style. Focusing on new patterns we will combine our zilling with some fun tribal fusion combinations (complete with footwork!) that you can incorporate into your own dancing. This workshop is best for people who have some previous finger cymbal (zilling) experience. Please bring your finger cymbals.

Combo Commotion
(Sunday, 11:00AM – 1:00PM)
Is learning a choreography not your cup of tea? Want bite sized pieces of dance-y goodness that you can take home with you and play with in your Fusion *AND/OR* Improv dance lifestyle? Let’s cause a commotion together! This workshop brings you the sass, sauce, and slink that Molly is known for with all new signature combinations that you can add into your Fusion choreographies or Improv vocabularies (complete with cues and left side leading). We’ll explore a variety of tempos, footwork patterns, and layers.

Time Warp – Playing with Tempo (NEW for 2016)
(All levels, Sunday 1:30 – 3:30PM)
Changing the speed, or tempo, is a fun way to add variety and spice to your dance vocabulary and performances. We will begin by creating our own combinations and sequences, then manipulate them at different speeds to change their look and feel. If time remains, we will add traveling and turning to our tempo time warp manifesto! This workshop is suitable for ALL styles of belly dance.